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Xai-Xai Mozambique

Book your holiday through Dino’s Accommodation. Get a complete holiday package which includes your accommodation with breakfast, transport, entertainment and tours.

Let US do the work and  organizing while you enjoy a stress-free holiday in beautiful, idyllic Xai-Xai, Mozambique.

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Preferred Listings

Hotel Rooms
R 1500/night/room
GPS 25°6.532'S 33°43.756'E

Room with en-suite bathroom / Incl. breakfast / DSTV / WiFi – Regret – No Children

8 Sleeper Villa
R 3750/night - 8 sleeper

8-sleeper cabanas/DSTV/ WiFi/swimming pool, etc.

Entire Home
R 315 pp/per night
8 guests/4 bedrooms/5 beds/ 1.5 baths/Dryer/TV & Wi-Fi/ estaurant.
Fully equipped & serviced. Ocean view.
4 Sleeper Cabana
R 1225/night 4-sleeper

4-sleeper cabana/DSTV/ WiFi / swimming pool

6 and 8-sleeper villas
R 2550/night 6-sleeper
R 3200/night 8 sleeper

6 & 8-sleeper cabanas/ DSTV/WiFi/ swimming pool/ aircon

6 sleeper Villas
R 4200/night

Villas with 2 or 3 air-conditioned bedrooms/bathrooms en-suite/DSTV/WiFi / swimming pool

6-sleeper villas and suite
R 3850/night - 6 sleeper
R 1875/night - suite

6-sleeper villas & Suite/ DSTV/WiFi/swimming pool

resort hotel
R 3115/night - 6 sleeper

6 Sleeper villas / DSTV / WiFi / swimming pool

6 sleeper villas
R 3375/night

6-sleeper villas/DSTV/ WiFi/swimming pool

6 & 8 sleeper Villas
R 4750/night - 6-sleeper
R 5370/night - 8-sleeper

DSTV/WiFi/Swimming pool

hotel rooms
R 1250/night

DSTV/WiFi/Swimming pool

Villas & Cabanas
R 1750/night (from)

2/4/6/8-sleeper villas & suites/DSTV/WiFi/Swimming pool

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Villas & Homes

These properties are all exclusive. Guest get their own private villa in Mozambique, for your family or group of friends traveling together. Each comes fully-equipped with all extras.  You could also  arrange for activities to be organised according to your preferences.



These accommodations are linked to each other or exclusive. You get your own private cabana next to or close to your family or group of friends traveling together. For couples, cabanas offer privacy, but are close enough if you are on holiday with friends or family. Units are generally fully-equipped with all  extras could be arranged.



Relax, have fun and enjoy mouth-watering cuisine, we could do it all for you before you even book into a hotel. Nothing is too much trouble for us. Your meals, washing & ironing and room servicing are all done while you soak up the sun.

Let's Find You The Right Place
At The Right Price

Ola, I’m Nordino, a local from these parts who grew up in this beautiful paradise. I know the area extremely well so allow me to give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience. Contact me and I will find the right accommodation at the right price for you.