About Us

Who We Are

About Dino's Accommodation

I'm Dino from Mozambique. I grew up on the beach and it inspired me to share my beautiful experiences with others.I want to ensure travelers get to know my culture,my country and of course, our beautiful beaches. Because I truly enjoy meeting people, I never tire of sharing my magnificent country.

My Responsibility

An easy to book option, reliable and accessible with all the information at your fingertips.  It provides all relevant information to assist you in making an informed decision while never missing out on great deals and special offers.

Our service is a one-stop-for-all option. We offer the full package, from finding your dream destination, making all the necessary bookings, provide transport, arrange meals and entertainment.

Our Vision

Our aim is to reach all the historic and worth remembering places by 2025.

Our Mission

Traveling is not only for wealthy people, therefore I ensure that we offer dreamy holidays at prices to suit every pocket.